Gutter Repairs/Cleaning


KG Hydrocleaning specialises in gutter repairs and clearing guttering for all types of buildings, large and small, in London and the surrounding areas. From office blocks to bungalows, from houses and hotels to schools, churches and hospitals we deliver a professional guttering service every time.
The unique user friendly design of our gutter cleaning system offer many advantages for our customers

Our equipment sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system
No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment
Our equipment is a safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties, for the latest regulations and health and safety requirements
On board camera for precision cleaning
Allows access to restricted areas such as roofing above conservatories
High reach internal vacuuming system for use in areas such as restaurants and retail shopping areas
For both domestic and commercial properties



Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to shape or strip and smooth a surface of any foreign material. It has an effect similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems with corners, nooks, or crannies. Sandblasting helps to rejuvenate the material and start the process of making it look new again. 


Masonry Paint Stripping & Re-Pointing


To remove paint from any masonry effectively, we first dissolve or soften any coating or dirt and then wash it off. Successful removal of paint requires one or combination of methods like Chemical Stripping Agents, Steam Systems , Micro Abrasive Systems etc.
Here at KG Hydrocleaning we never use blasting abrasives, wire brushes etc for the removal of paint as it may cause irreparable damage to your masonry.


Pointing and repointing brickwork and stonework can be a very time consuming job and although it may look easy it takes allot of expeience to get the professional finish seen on most jobs


Signage & Shop front Cleaning


We know that your business is your image, so you can rely on us to clean your shop front, fascias and signage to the highest standards.
Signage is what people see first. It represents your company and dirty fascias and signage can give the wrong impression of your business. As a company our goal is to ensure your image is maintained, your fascias and signage is sparkling clean, giving the right impression to your clients as soon as they arrive. Remember an impression of a person or company can be formed within the first 30 seconds, so make sure you’re one step ahead with the cleaning and maintenance of all your signage.


Chewing Gum Removal


We recently invested in a steam chewing gum remover to fulfil a contract at a local Shopping Centre where we cleaned around 2500 sq.m of monoblock covered with chewing gum. The system is safe, simple and quick and does not leave a mess or blasts gum off to another area, it dissolves the chewing gum and leaves the area looking new.


Awning & Canopy Cleaning 


During the winter months shop awnings can become very dirty and unnoticeable due to the weather and environment. Here at KG Hydrocleaning we can give your awnings a new lease of life and make them look brand new, so you stand out from all the other shops on the street.
Using our Eco friendly chemical agents along with the power of steam we can transform your awnings back to the day you first got them put up.


Graffiti Removal


We all know how unsightly certain graffiti can look on particular objects/surfaces. Here at KG Hydrocleaning we work around the clock to provide a service that is second to none. During our reign we have worked with London councils, retail outlets and property development owners to remove graffiti. All our staff are IPAF certified. So we can prepare and safely reach extreme heights to cater for the clients needs.  We also apply anti graffiti coating as part of our service.  Anti-graffiti coating is a coating that prevents graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces.

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Moss and Algae Control


Here at KG Hydrocleaning we use highly effective moss and algae cleaner. We specialise and have earned our merits in removing/preventing moss, bacteria, lichen, algae, fungi, viruses and mould build up from all hard external surfaces including patios and driveways. 


Other services include work on:

  • Driveways
  • Patio & Decking cleaning



We provide the following cleaning services

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